Pitch 5 Productions is a video content studio that develops and produces high-end digital and commercial branded content.

In 2015, Pitch 5 kicked off with the intention of creating videos that truly captured and peaked the viewer's interest. Our goal was to offer clients plenty of flexibility in creative ideation, extreme efficiency for maximum value, and the availability of global production crews at a moment’s notice.

Our team is lean and mean, which allows room to utilize our passion for creating and producing the most compelling story lines, grabbing the viewers attention and provoking emotion and connection. We believe that native video on any platform, whether cable or digital, is most powerful when viewers can relate to the content. We aim to create "meaning and value" in every project we produce. Our team works in collaboration with our clients to deliver amazing high quality and engaging video's while ensuring a fun experience with you and your team!


  • Through our extensive relationships with Brands, Networks, and Media Companies, we are able to support our clients with strategy and distribution options that are specific to a client’s demographics.

  • High-end crews all over the country and abroad, which saves on travel costs.

  • DO NOT put a cap on the number of versions in post, once we sign on to a job we see it through completion.

  • Amortizing costs for maximum value is something we are well versed in.

  • Our award-winning Directors develop insightful ideas and creative to drive the messages’ impact, reaching your targeted audience.

  • Provide creative and content services; such as storyboards and scripting, video creation, production design, editing, motion graphics & animation, color correction/mixing, and music licensing.

  • Dedicated in-house crew of editors, producers, account managers, graphic artist, that are geared up at a moments notice for any last minute changes or editorial direction.